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Current and recent projects


Most recent work has been with ShieldQ and InterFax to the extent that the rest of the information here is rather out of date.

Nonetheless, pleased to now include EMS Technical Personnel in our client base.

  • ShieldQ custom modules development, consulting and support, April 2016, ongoing.
  • InterFAX Drupal 6 migration to Drupal 7 - rebuild and upgrade, custom modules, August 2014, ongoing (new site live, Nov-2015).
  • Marks and Spencers Food Tech Connect - extranet, custom applications (modules), Dec 2014 to June 2015.
  • EyeRecommend architecture and development of a custom web application (financial), support and maintenance, Jan 2013, ongoing.

Case studies


We've been working with InterFAX for a number of years now - involved with the original Drupal 5 version, again with the upgrade to Drupal 6 and yet again upgrading to the current Drupal 7 site.

We've recently completed a completely re-vamped version of their prices page. Based on a custom-module and using jQueryUI to provide an enhanced user interface, the page displays pricing information dependent on factors such as chosen source and destination countries, selected pricing package and chosen currency.

The page is at and the original version is at

Behind the scenes

  • The module has to deal with multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency issues. For example, VAT (sales-tax) rates and whether prices should be shown inclusive or exclusive of VAT are country-dependent factors.
  • Source data is accessed via SOAP and the InterFAX API, cached locally for enhanced performance.
  • Initial country selection is made by looking up the visitor's IP address, with language detected from browser language configuration.
  • AJAX is used to update the displayed information when the user changes a selection such as country.
  • The slider control is implemented using jQueryUI plus some custom JavaScript.
  • Depending on the selected currency, different numbers of pricing packages are available. So, the width and number of columns in the prices table have to be adjusted dynamically, with the slider step positioning likewise adjusted to align with the relevant table column.
  • Arabic (right-to-left) language version involves additional CSS and further JavaScript to provide reversed slider operation (RTL operation is not a standard feature.)


Different language versions of the page are provided by a further custom module which allows all text needed by the prices page to be stored in separate nodes, one per language. This approach allows external translators to be tasked with translating text (page content, possible error messages, etc.) via a single familiar interface - the standard Drupal/i18n node translation page. For the same reason, translation staff do not need potentially "dangerous" access levels as they would if the module used strings translated via Drupal's "Translate interface" administrative page.

Older projects

Legion Software

Legion is a leading provider of Pedestrian Simulation solutions. Our involvement currently includes upgrading and maintenance of their Drupal 6 and 7 based sites, server management, and related support and consultancy.

  • Completed site move from shared hosting to VPS including configuration of Apache and operating system elements.
  • Created staging and live versions of their sites with simple switch-over.
  • Ongoing upgrades Drupal and modules to current versions.
  • Redeveloped their non-functional simulation examples page to use Views, LightBox and Vimeo hosted videos.
  • Configured FTP services.
  • Ongoing support and advice.

WestEnd Films

WestEnd Films had a site which had not been upgraded in two years, resulting in security vulnerabilities and aspects of the site which had stopped working properly.

  • Set up of staging and live sites to with a simple method to switch between them so that upgrading and other changes could be easily tested before going live.
  • Upgrade of Drupal and modules to current versions
  • Replacement of FlowPlayer and locally served videos with Vimeo hosted videos, and resulting changes to the front-page, adding slide-show and LightBox elements.

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