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Consulting and development rates

Rates for 2019-2020

Rates depend on project duration:

Approximate duration Minimum hours Rate/hour Rate/day
More than eight weeks 320 £55 £385
Four to eight weeks 160 £64 £445
Two to four weeks 80 £72 £505
One to two weeks 40 £81 £566
Less than one week 20 £89 £626
Less than two days 10 £98 £686
Please note:
  • All figures on this page exclude VAT, where applicable.
  • Rates based on project duration assume prior firm agreement and/or prepayment. Otherwise, the rate applied will be based on the number hours worked in the calendar month.
  • All prices above are shown pounds sterling (GPB).
  • Calculations shown assume a day to be seven hours and a week to be five days.
  • Minimum 25% utilisation, e.g. a one week commitment may be spread over a maximum of four weeks (except for retainer arrangements.)
  • Projects which over-run their original time commitment may but will not necessarily attract a reduced rate for additional work.
  • Any directly related expenses such as travel and accommodation will be charged to the client at cost.
  • These rates and related terms of business may be changed without prior notice unless specifically agreed with the client.

Retainer arrangements, support and maintenance

  • Minimum commitment 5 hours per month.
  • Example: One year commitment of 7 hours/month represents 84 hours and so is charged at £72/hour and invoiced as £504/month.
  • See this page for further pricing examples.

Fixed price development

Fixed price development for fully-specified projects is available on request. We can assist you with preparation of a full specification.


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With our primary focus on the Drupal platform, we combine open-source products with custom development to deliver a cost-effective business solutions: Modules and applications.


Multi-language applications

We understand multi-language complexities, and can design and develop custom applications with properly integrated language support: Multi-language.


Support and maintenance

Assistance by phone and email, site and server management, configuration and tuning. Please visit our support site for further information.