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Modules and applications

Custom development, but only when needed

One of Drupal's strengths is its extensibility via modules

There are more than ten thousand modules freely available covering a wide variety of needs. Nonetheless, sometimes the best approach is to develop a custom module, whether from the ground up or by tailoring existing open-source offerings.

We can:

  • Specify, design and develop custom modules to meet your business needs.
  • Advise on the best approach, i.e. use an existing module as-is, as a modified version or a custom solution built from scratch.
  • Re-use our existing code-base to provide faster development times and reduced costs.

Application development

So, with a base Drupal system and a sprinkling of add-on modules, many typical applications can be realised without extensive custom development - Drupal as a web-application platform.

A few examples include:

  • On-line shopping systems
  • Client service, support and discussion forums
  • News publishing
  • Internal communication and Intranet applications.

Many more specific applications can be built on standard building blocks, adding custom elements as needed, without reinventing the wheel. Prototyping is often a good way to define business logic, study feasibility and determine whether Drupal is a suitable platform for the application without major investment. Thanks to Drupal's inherent power and flexibility, prototyping a typical application can be very fast indeed.


Powered by Drupal

With our primary focus on the Drupal platform, we combine open-source products with custom development to deliver a cost-effective business solutions: Modules and applications.


Multi-language applications

We understand multi-language complexities, and can design and develop custom applications with properly integrated language support: Multi-language.


Support and maintenance

Assistance by phone and email, site and server management, configuration and tuning. Please visit our support site for further information.